Friday, January 4, 2008

Shoulder Dystocia

I really enjoyed the 'intellectual discourse' I had with the Sem 7 students yesterday. Left the discussion room with much contentment.

To my beloved students, I encourage you to visit this link (American Association of Family Practitioners):

Just to make sure you don't lose focus in Malaysian context:
1. You must be familiar with McRoberts manoeuvre + administration of suprapubic pressure
2. It is sufficient for you to be aware of the name & correct order of other manoeuvres but we will seldom ask HOW those things are done. Thats postgraduate stuff.

Remember, SHOULDER DYSTOCIA IS A HIGHLY UNPREDICTABLE OBSTETRIC EVENT. This underscores the need for ALL caregivers in the labour room to be ready / on their toes at ALL times. Labour room personnel should be ready to spring into action whenever this condotion is diagnosed. Frequent Shoulder Dystocia drills should be the norm and such events should be recorded and kept in a log by the Labour Ward Manager.

And for the benefit of those who missed my definition yesterday, here it is:

Shoulder Dystocia is defined as difficulty in delivery of the anterior shoulder with NORMAL traction with subsequent need for ancillary obstetric manoeuvres.

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