Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I received a phone call recently:

Caller: "Dr! I'm Mrs X's niece! Remember? You helped her deliver?"

Me: "Yes, go on."

Caller: "Well, we've given away the child for adoption. And the adoptive parents would like to meet you to make sure the child is completely ok"

Me: "What?!" (Not believing such people exist)

Caller: (Repeats the request)

Me: "Well, I suggest that they go see a Paediatrician"

Caller: "What?!" (Perhaps not believing that I would actually refuse)

Me: "Yes, you heard me right. Go see a paediatrician"

Well, there you are.... This is how some people view adoption - as if the baby is some 'commodity' that has to be checked for defects. Forgive me for lashing out but I suppose this is what happens when the biological parents and adoptive parents refuse to meet in person. And I sometimes doubt the sincerity of those who wish to take a child for adoption.

I have heard of couples paying thousands of ringgit to 'agents' to get a baby for adoption. And some have related how they got conned and returned home empty handed.


You can't buy babies! You are BLESSED with them.

Even if they are not your own. Even if you pay.

Get it? Don't? I rest my case....

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