Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank me ... ?

My patients and their spouses are probably trying to be nice but God ... I feel so small when they thank me after giving birth.

I mean, here is a woman who goes through the whole pregnancy, sometimes understood, sometimes not (by her husband and colleagues) .... goes through the pain of labour ... summons up all her energy and brings out a beautiful baby..... and she thanks me for everything.

I feel that the mother deserves a whole lot more than the doctor!


vanisree said...

dear doctor im having problem in menstrual disorder n
also more liquid when im having sex with my husband
it will cos any problem in my pregnancy?

Dr Saravanen Velu said...

Kindly see a doctor .... menstrual disorder and 'having more liquid' may be connected to diseases of the uterine cervix (mouth of the womb). You need a thorough evaluation. We can discuss its effects on pregnancy ONLY if the CAUSE is known.