Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I think my students are probably growing tired with the above phrase....

We can practice in different parts of the world, different segments of health care but ONE thing remains common - PRINCIPLES of MANAGEMENT

Let me give you an example.

A young Engineer realizes that he is late for an important interview, held right at the heart of the city. His mobile phone is low in credit and he is 20kms away from his fateful venue. He doesn't have enough money to hire a cab. What should he do?

A Malaysian solution might be:
1. Forget the komuter, stop a motorcycle and beg for a ride
2. Pay that guy some money and also get permission to use his hand phone
3. Tell some real sob story to the secretary and ask them to call your name last

But, in England,
1. You'd go to the nearest tube station
2. Use the small change (after paying fare) to make a phone call.
3. Tell the TRUTH to the secretary and tell her that you owe her a drink as long as she doesn't embarrass you by calling your name early

However, in GENERAL,
1. You would choose the fastest mode of transport, suitable for that city
2. Use your money wisely - to help you reach the destination & stay in contact
3. Relay appropriate information in order to safeguard your chances in the interview


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Azman said...

If only I knew this in Semester 6.