Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

My sincere Hari Raya Aidilfitri wishes to all my Muslim brothers, sisters and friends.

It is truly a time for reflection, forgiveness and celebration. On the topic of reflection, I cant help but compare the death toll from Ops Sikap XX versus H1N1. There was so much hoo ha regarding the latter. Everyone (almost) was scared for a moment. Sadly, the public does not exercise the same level of alertness and diligence in combating road traffic accident related deaths.

On the topic of forgiveness, allow me to use this opportunity to seek forgiveness for all those unpleasant things I may have done over the past one year.

The celebration? Well, here's one story worth celebrating .....

A 48 year old lady conceives her first child spontaneously after 8 years of marriage. She is due only in mid-October. She came to the hospital just before midnight yesterday. Examination revealed that she was in labour but the fetus was underweight (<2.5kg) and slightly premature. The conditions were favourable for a normal delivery. My midwife was not too amused. " 48 years old, got pregnant after 8 years, better C-Section", she mumbled as I left the labour room. I didn't want to hear that negative remark anymore....

I took a walk outside the hospital, reflecting on all those evidence that says 'being mature' is not an indication for a C-Section. And deep in my heart, I wanted to give her the chance to deliver vaginally.

Half an hour later, the phone rang. "Dr! You kat mana?!", the voice cracked. I rushed back in and reached just in time as she began to bear down. Alas, the first "Raya" baby was born soon after. As I reviewed the mother this morning, I realized she had been cool and composed all along. A new meaning to the word 'mature' perhaps? He He

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